• Do The Right Thing For Your Living Room

    Your living rooms actually breathe; it is alive with innumerable moments of victory and sadness, tender moments with family and boisterous ones with friends. It is probably the most important part of your house and needs to be well furnished.


It is the place you entertain your guests and they will form an impression about you and your personality from how you decorate and furnish this room. Besides that, since this is the place where the family gathers each day, it must be comfortable and functional besides looking chic and nice.


Sadly, not everyone is endowed with a sense of style and it becomes evident in the way the room is furnished. But thankfully, at the present time, you have several resources at your service to help you attain the look that you desire. There are several tips and handbooks available both online and in bookstores that give you several ideas on how to plan to arrange and to decorate your living room so that it reflects your personality and your style.

How you must design your living room

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How you must design your living room

Many times, people fall in love with a piece of furniture and buy it assuming it will add to the charm of their living room, but what they forget is what looks beautiful in a catalog might not look endearing in your living room which might be styled in a different theme and color combination. A well-designed living room is comforting, appealing and a joy to behold.

 It is therefore mandatory that you furnish your living room after much thought and with great care. After all, it is an extension of your personality.

Here are a few tips that will take you down the road less traveled.

Plan the living area:

To begin with, before you select any furniture you must have an idea about the size, aesthetic appeal and the quality of the product. In fact, any furniture that you buy will depend on its usage; if your living room is rarely used then go for more exquisite and delicate pieces but if that is where you hang out you must opt for more sturdy pieces with special attention to the fabric – it must be stain resistant preferably.

Your furniture must not be too small or too large in comparison to the room or it will be not only an eyesore but also highly inconvenient to walk around. You must also ensure that you do not clutter the room too much and reduce moving space altogether. Hence, it is advisable, to begin with, a floor plan of the room on a piece of paper. This will help you decide which furniture goes where and how to arrange every piece in a pleasing manner with ample space for movement. While planning ensures that you take into account the floor to wall clearance or you might end up with ill-fitting furniture.

How to plan the living area

  • Take accurate measurements using a measuring tape. Note down the dimensions in the metric system and not the US customary units because all furniture is measured according to the metric system.
  • Draw the floor plan with existing furniture and mark the place for the new piece. You must make allowance for moving space in your diagrams too to avoid confusion in future. You can, in fact, have two to three drawings with varying arrangements for a better idea on which piece of furniture goes where and which arrangement looks the best.
  • Nowadays you have a choice to assemble your furniture in the room but in case the piece you have chosen is pre-assembled you must be aware of the size of the doorways to ensure it fits in.
  •  The architecture of the room will also play a part in your choice. For example, if you have an antique window in the room, then you must buy a piece that enhances its look and its presence.
  • You must also ensure that the piece coordinates with the other furniture in the room and also the color of the walls. Neutral colors normally fit in with any color scheme.
  • You must pick pieces according to the space available. For example, when there is a space constraint picking a round piece is foolish as it occupies more space and wastes areas around it. But rectangular pieces are easy to blend with almost all decors.

Armed with this knowledge enter the world of furniture shopping and enhance your living room.